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Product Description: Pentaerythritol is the main raw material of alkyd resin, oil painting and painting. It also can be used as follow: manufacturing plastifiers that of hot and cold resistance and without poison, additive agent of lubricant, emulsifying agent, petroleum anti-freezing agent, stabilizing agent of polyvinyl chloride, fire retardant, fire resistance painting and printing ink and the like.


Product Description: Phthalic Anhydride is an important aromatic di-carboxylic acid anhydride, which is widely used in the manufacture of Alkyd Resins for Paints, Inks and Coatings, Unsaturated Polyester Resins,Plasticizers and Pigments.


Product Description: Benzoic acid is a mono-functional, aromatic acid, which is widely used as a building block for the synthesis of alkyd resins. When used as a component of alkyd resins, it improves gloss, hardness and chemical resistance.



Product Description: A clear, virtually water white, viscous hygroscopic liquid, concentrated and purified from crude glycerin recovered from natural fats and oils splitting processing. Meets or exceeds the stringent quality standards established in the USP (United States Pharmacopeia – USP 32, 2009 ) monograph, Glycerin.

Applications: Glycerin, USP, 99.50 %:

  • is a key ingredient in many cosmetic and personal care products including skin creams and lotions, bar soaps, toothpaste, shaving preparations, deodorants, etc.
  • is a component of several types of beverages and human and pet food products.
  • Is one of the most widely used ingredients in all types of drug and pharmaceutical products including ointments, syrups, capsules, suppositories, etc.



Product Description: Maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene powder recommended as a coupling agent for polypropylene (PP) composites and for providing slip resistance in floor finish emulsions. Because of the polarity and anhydride functionality, useful for laminating, as a compatibilizer for PP blends with nylon or EVOH, and for enhancing the strength of composites that utilize reinforcements / fillers such as glass, talc, calcium carbonate, and metals.




Product Description: Rosin Modified Maleic Resin is esterified by the addition product of gum rosin with maleic anhydride, glycerol or Pentaerythritol.

Property and Usage: They are used in paint widely, and have good admixture with nitro-cotton, they are applicable to produce nitrocellulose lacquer. The color of production is light and keeps good retention. On the other hand, they are used in ink and glossing paper.

Package: In paper with plastic woven bags, 25kg net each; keep away from water and fire.

Others: We can produce Resin in accordance with the technical target provide by user/customer.