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SOYA LECITHIN - Solvent Based Dispersant


Application: Soya Lecithin, is a dispersing and wetting agent for alkyd based paints. It can be also used for food applications.


HECSOL SPECIAL - Solvent Based Dispersing Agent


Product Description: It has an anionic character, a high concentrated solution of special oil alcohol sulfates in suitable solvents. As SEMSOL – S is a good surface active agent, it increases pigment wetting, and is an effective anti settling agent used in every type of paints even in low viscosity and heavy pigments containing paints.


  • Every type of alkyd resin systems, chlorinated rubber systems
  • Urethane oil resins which doesn’t contain free iso-cianat groups
  • Epoxy resins, asphalt and bitum paint, Nitrocellulose lacs
  • Acrylic/melamine resins, acrylic,thermoset resins, acrilic,air drying resins


HECSOL 963 - Solvent Based Dispersing Agent


Product Description: As HECSOL 963 is a good surface-active agent, it is an effective anti settling agent obtaining pigments dispersion and anti-floating. Because of HECSOL 96’s chemical structure,it can be successfully used in paints containing heavy and problematic pigments. HECSOL 96 does not effect the drying period and adhesion, it helps to prevent the corrosion property of paints. At the same time it increases the paint films elasticity and stroke resistance.


  • Alkyd based paints
  • Akrylic and epoxy resin paints
  • Urea and melamine resins
  • Fatty based varnishs
  • Chlorinated rubber based paints.