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DISPO DW A40 - Water Based Dispersant


Application: Used for dispersing of pigments and fillers in water based paint systems. Prevents sedimentation , improve storage stability.Compatible with all known polymer emulsions and anionic rheology agents.

Using amount: Using amount in paint application is around 0,30 % – 1,00 %




Application: Used as a sequeatering, dispersing, deflocculating agent, and as a coating agent to form a thin passivating. Film that protects metals from corrosion; Industrial water treatment; and can be used in continuously recycled industrial water as a softener; Calgon SHMP is used in the textile industry or industrial cleanning andas dispersion in pigmenting and dyeing operations. It is also used in oil well drilling.

Using Amount: Usage level depends on application.


AMINO HPR 90 - Amino Methyl Propanol

Product Description: AMINO HPR 90 is the product name under which Hecckem markets 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol that contains 10% added water. This colourless, mobile liquid with a relatively low viscosity remains liquid at temperatures as low as –37°C to permit easy, convenient handling.

Application: Efficient Amine for Resin Neutralization; High base strength, Relatively low molecular weight, Acts as a Co-Dispersant for Particulate Systems, Component of Powerful Anionic Emulsifier Systems , Acts as a Formaldehyde Scavenger, Corrosion Inhibitor for Steam-Condensate Lines, Key Component of Metalworking Fluids with Extended Fluid Longevity, Useful Raw Material for Synthesis Applications, Multiple Food Contact Approvals