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microGLEIT® is the leading supplier of dry film lubricants for fasteners. Intensive development work and the experience of many years of practice with products and processes result in a wide range of reliable “friction adjusters“.

  • Lubricants are indispensable for adjusting the coefficient of friction to desired values and narrowing down the standard deviation of the friction values of modern connection elements.
  • Good choice of the product and proper processing is influencing the layer quality – ideally synergies are achieved here.

microGLEIT® DF dry films are mostly water-based lubricant systems; they contain e.g. PE (polyethylene) and partly additives such as PTFE or wax.

  • After application this dry films build thin, transparent layers with a typical thickness of 1 to 5 μm.
  • For connection elements of all kinds this thin layer warrants a defined, constant coefficient of friction μges in a range of 0,08 to 0,16, depending on application and product. (Friction values μges according DIN EN ISO 16047)
  • Basic principle:
    No threaded connection without proper lubrication!

microGLEIT® dry film lubricants are used on threaded connections in almost any industry segment, such as:

  • bolts and nuts with metric threads (e.g. according ISO 4014, DIN 931, 933 etc.),
  • wood construction screws (e.g. SPAX®),
  • stainless steel bolts and nuts,
  • almost any threaded connection in automotive industries,
  • thread forming and self-tapping screws,
  • and many more…

microGLEIT® dry film lubricants are suitable as topcoating for all known surfaces on bolts and nuts, such as:

  • phosphatizing
  • galvanic zinc (including all chromate coatings (yellow, blue, black or olive)
  • zinc-nickel and zinc-iron coatings
  • zinc-flake coatings.

microGLEIT® dry film lubricants are characterised by very good film formation and excellent processing capability during application. microGLEIT® offers not only top products but also appropriate process knowhow.

DF 903

Universal Layer with Higher Friction Value μges

DF 905

Dry Film Lubricant for Aluminium Screws

DF 911

The Allround Dry Film Lubricant

DF 921

Universal Dry Film; High Performance Lubrication

DF 931

Dry Film Lubricant esp. for Stainless Steel Screws

DF 931+20

Dry Film Lubricant esp. for Stainless Steel Screws

DF 941

Dry Film for Low Friction Values

DF 971 (TN 9195)

Dry Film for Hydroforming (IHU)

DF 977 (S)

“The Clean Universal Lubricant”, “μ = 0,1”

DF 979

Corrosion Protection Film

DF 9025

Dry Film Lubricant for Higher CoF

DF VzwoA

Dry Film Lubricant esp. for Stainless Steel Screws

DF VzwoA+20

Dry Film Lubricant esp. for Stainless Steel Screws

  • Threaded connections according to VDA 235-203
  • Stainless steel-, aluminium-, tapping screws
  • Thread forming screws
  • Threaded connections for electrics
  • Chipboard and wooden construction screws
  • Lock nuts and pinch nuts
  • Automotive industry approvals
  • Single or multiple tightening
  • Avoiding stick-slip (e.g. with KTL-layers)
  • Top-coat for Zn-flake systems and all known Zn-based surfaces