Businesses are developing innovations every day. Tashkent Chemical sees these innovations as human oriented and formulates them for a better life.



Tashkent Chemical, as the representative of global brands worldwide, acts only on the principle of benefit and has an active network with a wide supply chain.



No product is tested in our own laboratories and without the most accurate analysis is not offered to the customer. This is the first priority for Tashkent Chemical.



We believe that there is nothing to be accomplished with an experienced, sincere and meticulous work group. For this reason, we serve you with our expert colleagues.


Welcome to Tashkent Chemical!

Tashkent Chemical offers reliable and quality products to every area of life. It is your global solution partner in paint and construction chemicals with the flexibility in its product range, wide service network and the ability to convert demands immediately.

Our aim is to add value

The ever-increasing demands each day are one of the biggest challenges facing the world. Moreover, it is becoming more and more important to ensure these demands in the most accurate way and to increase efficiency.

Developing sustainable solutions

Increased business volume naturally requires more production. Instant needs can only be met by expanding the production volume. With our understanding of sustainability, we develop solutions that are continuous, not instantaneous.

We work for your success

Although customers’ requests vary greatly from region to region and different business structures, every of them has a common expectation; to get the best product at the right cost. Hecckem is working to make its customers more successful.

Your global solution partner
Tashkent Chemical

Paint and structure of raw materials subject to chemicals in Turkey and near geography of providers that target the way to the Hecckem, the day it was established, it has continuously developed both product and customer portfolio, chemistry knowledge that is an integral part of our lives that will add always value products to its customers.

Better products and better service just moving Tashkent Chemicals awareness can be achieved with better, the new partners have joined the organization and with high quality products at the beginning of each work day and excitement.