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VESMODY U 300 - Polyurethane Thickener %20 Solid cont

Product Description: Vesmody U300 is a nonionic urethane rheology modifier, a suitable thickening agent for any waterborne painting system, especially for architectural coating, industry coating, Wood coatings as well as water-based ink. Vesmody U300 is an efficient rheology modifier allows formulating paints with a Newtonian rheology profile with excellent flow and leveling. Vesmody U300 is prepared with specific UnicapTM technology of Wanhua. It is ultra-low VOC, ultra-low odor, free of alkylphenol ethoxylate (APEO), tin compound and any organic solvent, is specifically designed for applications where a low odor or low VOC is required.

VESMODY U 604 - Polyurethane Thickener %25 Solid cont

Product Description: Vesmody U604 is a nonionic urethane rheology modifier, a suitable thickening agent for any waterborne painting system, especially for architectural coating and industry coating. Vesmody® U604 is an efficient pseudoplastic PU thickener, it allows the formulation of paints with an excellent balance between flow and sag. It can be used as a cothickener with Vesmody® U300 in many types of formulations for attaining a desired balance of low and high shear viscosities. Vesmody® U604 has excellent stableness to colorant in formulations; it is eminently suitable in pigmented paint.

AQUAFLOW XLS 530 - Polyether Thickener

Product Description: Aquaflow XLS-530 rheology modifier is a solvent-free, nonionic synthetic associative thickener (NSAT) designed for waterborne paints and coatings and is compatible with most latex systems. This thickener provides an exceptional balance of leveling and sag resistance. Depending on the resin system, it can be used in combination with a high-shear effective NSAT (ICI driver). The optimized rheology modifier package will deliver superior leveling and sag resistance in paint, resulting in a virtually drip-free application. 

As an APEO-free and solvent-free product, Aquaflow XLS-530 rheology modifier is recommended for low VOC formulations. It is supplied as a liquid for ease of handling. The performance of the product is independent of paint pH. 


AQUAFLOW NLS 200 - Polyether Thickener


Product Description: Aquaflow NLS-200 rheology modifier is a nonionic synthetic associative thickener (NSAT) designed to build Stormer viscosity and provide superior flow and leveling in latex paints. Aquaflow NLS-200 NSAT is compatible with acrylic, styrene-acrylic, vinyl-acrylic and vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE) latexes can be used in interior and exterior paint formulations.

Application:  Aquaflow NLS-200 NSAT can be used in a variety of paint formulations and is fully compatible with other rheology modifiers. For example, using Aquaflow NHS-300 NSAT with Aquaflow NLS-200 NSAT will increase high-shear viscosity. Adding Natrosol™ Plus modified hydroxyethylcellulose (HMHEC) can enhance sag resistance and color development.


HECCPOL K 332 - Acrylic Thickener


Product Description: Acrylic thickener for paint, textile, flocking and coating applications.

Application: HECCPOL K 332 is resistant to the shear force which may occur because of high stirring speeds.