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microGLEIT® is a globally renown brand that develops, manufactures and sells tailor made specialty lubricants that contribute to their customers’ success by expanding the performance limits of their products. microGLEIT® unique formulas of dry film lubricants, sealants, solid film lubricants, anti-friction coatings, specialty products and problem solving solutions are appreciated in the automotive, engineering and manufacturing industries; be it in original equipment, production or maintenance and repair.

microGLEIT® portfolio consists of environmentally friendly and sustainable products that are accompanied with a complete service package enabling the most efficient solution of any tribological problem.

GP 350

Universal Grease-Paste Against Fretting Corrosion

GP 360

High Performance Paste for Effective Elimination of Fretting Corrosion

LP 461

Graphite Casting Ladle Facing

LP 475

Metallurgically Compatible High Temperature Screw Paste

PP 620

Inert, High Temperature Grease