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AKPEROX BP15 PASTE - DiBenzoyl Peroxide, Paste, 15% in plasticizer


Product Description: Dibenzoyl Peroxide, paste, 15% in plasticizer. Produced in black and gray colors. Different colors can be produced if requested.

Application: AKPEROX BP 15 is used for curing unsaturated polyester (UP) resin based polyester putties, marble and stone adhesives.

Usage & Amount: Recommended to use 1% – 3% in general, according to climate conditions and product formulation. In order to obtain longer workable time, amount of usage should be reduced. It is usable with Amine and Cobalt accelerators.


AKPEROX A60 - Solution of Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide in Di Methyl Phthalate


Application: AKPEROX A60 is a general purpose MEKP for curing unsaturated polyester (UP) resins at room and high temperatures. Suitable for the curing of gelcoat, vinylester resins, button type resins, as well as general purpose resins, dope and casting type polyester resins. Provides earlier gel and cure time than AKPEROX A50. Particularly recommended to be used in GRP Pipe production and general purpose applications.

Usage & Amount: It is recommended to use 1% – 2% in general, depending on application. It needs to be used with Cobalt accelerators at room temperature. (E.g. AKCOBALT 1%)


AKPEROX TBHP 70 - Tert-Butyl Hydroperoxide 70% Solution


Application: AKPEROX TBHP is used for the emulsion polymerization of Styrene, Acrylates and Metacrylates and the curing of polyester resins. Suitable to be used as active peroxide in high pressure polymerization or as initiator in oxygen combination of Ethylene. Common applications are acrylate, vinylacetate, styrene – butadiene production, curing of styrene – polyester resins, oxidizing agent for hydrocarbons.

Usage & Amount: It is recommended to use 0,1% – 0,3% in general.