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The more common applications for Plating On Plastics (POP) today are decorative components for automotive exterior and interior parts such as front grills, emblems, letterings and decorative strips.

In addition, there are also many applications in the areas of sanitary (plumbing) fittings, electronics such as decorative covers for mobile phones and household appliance components.

More than 90% of the plastic parts plated today are manufactured from ABS and ABS/PC resins. Both resin types can be mass produced with high surface quality with injection moulding processes. As a result, the plated surfaces and final layer finishes have a high optical quality combined with very high corrosion and abrasion resistance for the parts being coated which helps meet all appearance and engineering performance specifications.

The SILKEN POP pre-treatment consists of seven balanced single processes steps SILKEN CLEANER, SILKEN Etch, SILKEN NEUTRALIZER; SILKEN CATALYST; SILKEN ACCELERATOR, SILKEN METAL Electroless Nickel and SILKEN CU 801. There are various product choices in each category that provide flexibility for the applicator for easy adaptation into the production line.

The SILKEN BOND process is developed and targeting for the need of the next generation POP system providing a complete chrome-free plastic pre-treatment system for applicators and the Industry.

The SILKEN BOND Process is state of the art technology that can be integrated with minimal effort into existing plating lines and represents the future for processing plastics.

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