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The microGLEIT® DCP sealing series is are the direct extension of the proven DF series. In addition to excellent lubricating properties, the DCP series also
provides excellent surface protection.

microGLEIT® sealants have been specially developed for coating bulk- and rack parts in the galvanic industry.

  • DCP products are a novel combination of organicmineral-silicate-based sealants and a high-quality lubricant content.
  • microGLEIT® DCP-Sealants can be used on all zinc surfaces with any type of passivation
  • DCP sealants are suitable as top-coating on all known surfaces of screws, nuts and other components with galvanic surfaces such as
    ‣ phosphatizing,
    ‣ galvanic zinc (including all chromate coatings (yellow, blue, black or olive),
    ‣ zinc-nickel and zinc-iron coatings,
    ‣ zinc-flake coatings,
    ‣ etc..

microGLEIT® Sealants are meeting all requirements made for modern layer systems:

  • outstanding wetting properties,
  • simple, robust handling,
  • processing with industry standard systems, “wet-in-wet” possible,
  • processing in hot air centrifuges, dip-spin centrifuges or rack systems is possible,
  • low tendency for part-to-part adhesion even with flat parts,
  • high efficiency, low drying temperatures from 50 ° C, high yield, coating thickness 0,5 – 3μm,
  • significant increase in corrosion protection, increased resistance to contact corrosion,
  • adjustment of the coefficient of friction by integrated lubricants,
  • stable screwing behaviour or stick-slip prevention´even with multiple tightenings e.g. against KTL, aluminum, steel, …
  • high temperature resistance > 200 ° C,
  • chemical resistance of the basic surface is increased,
  • colour shade transparent or black,
  • product variants that produce a uniform, deep black look are available,
  • transparent products may be coloured, e.g. green or blue,
  • also available with integrated UV additive,
  • chromium-VI-free, REACH-compliant, environmentally friendly.

DCP 910

Special Topcoat acc. VDA 235-203; VW 01131

DCP 9000

The Universal Sliding 0,09 – 0,12 Sealant

DCP 9300

The Sliding Sealant with Increased Friction Value

DF 9040

Special Sealant with Integrated Lubricant

DCP 9108

Universal Sealant

DCP 9185

Glossy special sealant

DF 9048

High Performance Sealant

DCP 9248L

High Performance Sealant w. lubricant

DCP 9250B

High Performance Sealant

DCP 9250BL

High Performance Sealant w. lubricant


Special Top-Coat w/o Lubricant


Special Top-Coat with Lubricant

  • Threaded connections according to VDA 235-203
  • Stainless steel-, aluminium-, tapping screws
  • Thread forming screws
  • Threaded connections for electrics
  • Lock nuts and pinch nuts
  • Automotive industry approvals
  • Single or multiple tightening
  • Avoiding stick-slip (e.g. with KTL-layers)
  • Top-coat for Zn-flake systems and all known Zn-based