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A tribologically functional coating in which powerful solid lubricants are incorporated in a resin matrix is called ‘Solid Film Lubricant’ (or ‘Anti-Friction-Coating’, ‘AFC’s’ or ‘bonded solid lubricant’).

  • microGLEIT® solid film lubricants are supplied as a liquid dispersion and can be applied to the surface of the component by using common paint application technologies.
  • The contained solvent (H2O or organic) serves as a carrier liquid for resin and solid lubricants and enables film formation.
  • The resin (or ‘binder’) also provides as most possible a cohesive connection to the component surface.
  • Solid Film Lubricants are surface systems that reduce friction and wear and can complement or replace other wear protection systems.
  • microGLEIT® has a very comprehensive expertise and many years of experience in this product segment.
  • Bonded coatings are universally applicable and suitable for a variety of applications.

Tribological Applications of Solid Film Lubricants

  • Dry lubrication of components made of metal or plastic – preferably at low sliding speeds – in different stages of operation:
    ‣ assembly,
    ‣ optimization of running-in,
    ‣ lifetime lubrication,
    ‣ in special operating conditions, e.g. operation in vacuum; oil or grease is undesirable for reasons of cleanliness;
  • Hybrid lubrication – solid film lubricant plus oil or grease. The combination of oil-resistant solid film lubricant and oil or grease lubrication leads to a significant increase in performance of the system – in many cases synergy effects can be achieved. Such a hybrid system is particularly advantageous, indeed sometimes indispensable, for difficult running-in processes and highly loaded components in continuous operation.

LS 808

MoS2 – Bonded Film Lubricant

LS 818

Graphite – Bonded Film Lubricant

LS 848

PTFE – Bonded Film Lubricant

LS 855 (S)

MoS2 – Bonded Film Lubricant

LS 866

Graphite – Bonded Film Lubricant

LS 877 (S)

PTFE – Bonded Film Lubricant

LS 888

MoS2 – Bonded Film Lubricant

LS 8012

MoS2 – Bonded Film Lubricant

LS 8042

High-Temperature – Coating

TC 80


TC 88-NE


  • Expansion, Upsetting, Hydroforming, Mandrels, Cores, Cold extrusion, slide valves & ejectors (PDC), HT lubrication, Screws, Dowel pins, Nuts ,Titanium screws, Ti nuts, V2A / V4A connection elements, Connection elements in HT Range, Bolts, Bearings, Skids, Lagerschalen, Gleitbahnen, Nocken, Cams, Wheels, Joints, Axes, Locks, Drills, Spindles, Tension levers, Plain bearings, Pistons, Actuators, Spindle drives, Guides, Disc springs, Gears, Chain pins, O-rings